Thursday, April 28, 2022

Secret Service agents with Abraham Bolden

 I extremely torn. It is down to these three agents: Joe Noonan, who served on the White House Detail at the same time as Abe (AND later joined him at the Chicago office), Bill Payne (who was on his shift) and Ken Wiesman, who was also on his shift. Noonan is the best resemblance, yet Payne has the same smirk/frown as in that photo. Abe's one lawyer wondered if I knew who the agent (large arrow) standing next to Abe (smaller arrow) was.

A couple years back, I was excited to have found what I thought was a photo of Abe Bolden with JFK in Chicago 3/23/63 (as you can see by the other doc, he was definitely there). Abe initially said it was him, then thought it over and said it was not. It COULD be another African-American agent by the name of Conrad Cross (sadly, I have no photo of him).